1) Personal stress reactivity


On a general personal level with the help of stress reactivity we see health risks, pathogens, homeopathic advice, neurotransmitters, emotions (personal insight), various disorders in detail, biochemical patterns…


We obtain data using stress reactivity; details and specifics, biochemical patterns, with a unique trivector field for energy production in the body.

Ideal for:

Stress reactivity on a personal level where we get an insight into a number of details and patterns (markers for over 11,000 indications).

Duration: 70 min
Possibility of therapy
Handwritten report.

400,00 kn

2) Segmental examination


Through the connection with the brain we receive information about a large number of parts of the body from organs to small segments.

We gain insight into the processes within organs, systems, and the organism as a general picture; pathogens, processes of disease, psycho-somatic effect, psychological states…


We see segments of the organism and organs, exact locations of problem, physiological processes, pathological processes, individual detailed reactivity.

Ideal for:

Examinations of individual systems, organs and smaller body segments, findings of psycho-somatic patterns; initial indicators of psychological disorders and disease processes, findings of a cause-and-effect relationship (eg. thyroid disorders and circulatory disorders in the brain).

Duration: about 2h
Possibility of therapy.
A handwritten report in electronic form.

500,00 kn

3) Oriental examination


Through energy impulses we get an insight into the body systems (vascular, digestive, skeletal…) and the functioning of organs; then parameters such as vitamins, minerals, memory index, etc.


Unique and simple parameters of high importance, simple report, system approach.

Ideal for:

examinations of individual parameters and general orientation when looking at systems in the body. Simple and understandable automatic report with the option of a shortened version.

Duration: 60min for the interview version and 30min for the abridged version where a written report is obtained with explanations included but without an additional interview.
Automatic report with description for self-interpretation in electronic form.

300,00 kn

(150,00 kn shortened version)

4) Balanced

balansna vaga

Through the skin reaction (Galvanic skin response) we get insights into individual stressors within different functional systems that the software recognizes are out of balance. Functional systems under examination: detoxification, digestive, hormonal, immune, dietary, hydration, mental, sleep.


A unique examination of functional systems and the only device that looks at stressors within the system themselves, tips for getting things back in balance, and option with a shortened version.

Ideal in case of:

sleep problems, detoxification or toxicology (eg. toxicology in candida as a stressor)

Duration: 60min for the interview version and 30min for the shortened version where you get an automatic report in English without further discussion.
An automated report in English without interpretation

300,00 kn

(150,00 kn shortened version)

5) Meridians

Meridijani pregled

Through the meridians from TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) we get an insight into the flow of energy and, accordingly, the metabolic state of the body systems (vascular, pulmonary, digestive..).


Insight into the state of metabolic activity, a summary report with an estimated state that finds the probable causes of such a state through calculation.

Ideal in case of

Searches for excess or lack of energy and quick assessments of the causes of the current situation.

Duration: 45min for the interview version and 20 min in the shortened version where you get an automatic report in English but without additional conversation.
Possibility of therapy.
An automated report in English without interpretation.

200,00 kn

(100,00 kn shortened version)

6) EAV (electro-acupuncture by Dr. Voll)


Through acupuncture points we get an insight into the energy state of certain body/organ systems;  duration is from about 1 to 1,5 hours in total or around 5 minutes for one branch of the system/organ; this examination is provided solely as a free service in the Complete Examination.

Advantages over other examinations:

a direct examination of organs/systems via energy channels for inflammatory conditions/hyperfunction and degeneration/hypofunction. A proven method that is officially recognized in some countries.

Ideal in case of:

obtaining a simple image with respect to direct channels to the system/organ in the context of hyperfunction/inflammation and hypofunction/degeneration.


7) Complete Examination

cjelokupni slika

all review in one package with a free EAV examination.

Ideal for:

A thorough examination of the organism where a large amount of data and answers are obtained that individual examinations alone cannot provide. By using all examination methods, broader and deeper insight into the state of the organism is obtained, thus minimizing the risks of something remaining hidden.

1.500,00 kn

8) Digestion

Combination of elements from the Segmental, Oriental, Balanced, Meridian (TCM) and EAV examinations related to the digestive system


We learn various parameters from different examinations combined in one specific review with a free report of the whole organism of the Balanced examination.

Ideal for:

Specific examination of the digestive system through all methodologies except Personal Stress Reactivity.

Duration: 2h

500,00 kn

All examinations are non-invasive and safe for health.

With each examination, a counseling service is provided.