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1) Who is this service for?

The service is ideal if you have chronic health problems, feel bad without a known cause, are worried about yourself and so far have not found good enough answers and explanations for your health problems, want to monitor your health as a prevention or improve your psycho-physical capabilities and function at a higher level.

2) How can I know if the examinations are reliable?

We tested the software on others without anamnesis and proved their effectiveness. In addition, some software also have clinical trials such as EAV. The accuracy of the data obtained at the examinations depends on the type of examination and ranges from 80 to 99%. Keep in mind that a person generally has a very small percentage (less than 5%) of available knowledge about his general health and functional state, while with bioresonance examinations we get an insight into over 95% of events in the body, which are inaccessible to you.

3) If they are so reliable and efficient why are they not in widespread use:

a) In official medicine?

the official system as such has a different approach and purpose: there is no individual approach in attestation and methodology, evidence and results are taken in an orientation towards precision primarily in a physiological sense; while the applicability of computer bioresonance examinations is in the individual approach – the results are oriented towards the relativity of events in the organism, reactivity and probabilities.

b) Why do most people not know about such examinations?

Such examinations have been in wider use since the late 90s. In some countries, energy examinations are officially placed alongside the conventional medical system as we know it as an individual’s choice, while in countries where it is not, the market itself as an intermediary regulates the availability of such services to people, depending on these examinations being more or less represented.

c) Do others have such services in alternative health care?

A lot of other health care offices use some technical aid like computer examinations; in the younger generations in particular you will very often come across such examinations.

4) What is the success of our work and what can be expected in terms of improving the chronically difficult health condition?

– The success of recovery for the above problems from the References depends on the ability of an individual organism to recover. It is clear that this depends on several factors, eg. severity of health, genetics, age, etc.

As a rule, it can be said that after receiving the service and following the protocol, you should be better in the foreseeable future: for systemic symptoms from References, the nominal time for chronic systemic disorders is up to 6 months if there are no major deviations where the organism rises to a higher level of functioning and where the organism’s economy begins to work to improve the general psycho-physical condition. For individual non-systemic symptoms, results are visible in a day or two, a week or a month.

Comparisons with private offices and clinics abroad have been used as the credibility of this service and recovery methodology, so we can guarantee the quality applied through your capabilities in the context of the time you have available to take care of yourself, financial capabilities, and willingness to stick to protocol.

Preparation for arrival

5) What should I do before coming to the examination?

For certain specific examinations, it is ideal to come for an examination when the symptoms of your problems are most pronounced, because then what we want to see at the examination is most manifested.

Body hygiene is definitely a must, especially head: ears and hair, and the limbs: hands and feet.

You should not drink a psycho stimulant 24 hours before the examination (if something is used as a prescribed medicine then examination is possible, but due to the influence on consciousness some things on examination may remain hidden).

It is recommended to eat lighter food up to 4 hours before the examination, and come in clothes of more natural materials.

6) Which examination to choose?

– Depending on the described condition in the order, you will receive a recommendation on which examination is intended for you in accordance with your health condition. For information in each individual examination, please read the description on the subpage Offer.

7) What else do you need to know?

– In case of a serious health condition, you should come with someone who will take over the information obtained at the examination: this applies to the elderly population and to children.

– In case of an infectious infection (eg. flu, coronavirus…) it is not allowed to come.

– In the case of severe epilepsy and implanted electrical devices, it is not allowed to do certain examinations.