The achieved results refer to the recovery from chronically severe health conditions of complete dysfunction of the organism with the following symptoms:

chronic fatigue syndrome

degeneration of vital organs

inflammatory conditions of the brain, inflammation of the stomach and intestines

chronic digestive disorders

autoimmune disorders


heavy metal poisoning


dental diseases

psychological disorders: mood, anxiety, brain fog.

We found causal conditions in most of these disorders, where it is especially important to point out our own research on the causal relationship in thyroid disorders, and circulatory disorders in the brain given the frequency of these disorders and the inability to find answers in official health systems.

Many years of research and investments have led to a ready-made service in the form of examination and counseling, which provides you with a proven methodology for rehabilitation, maintenance, and improvement of the functionality of your body.


Due to the methodology, breadth of review and investment in terms of studying different methods of recovery of the organism and proving the causes of various disorders, this service, as such, is unique and special on the market.

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